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March 12, 2012

I am happy to announce our Sourcing Certification program.


Instead of using the term “Sourcing” (as we are used to in recruiting), and per a great suggestion I got, I will call the discipline “Peoplesourcing”, which means finding information about professionals.

(Recruiters call it “Sourcing”“Candidate Sourcing”, “Talent Sourcing”, or “Internet Recruiting”; sales people are not familiar with the term “Sourcing” and call it “Name Generation” or “Lead Generation“.)

“People Sourcing” or “Peoplesourcing” is finding information about professionals. We do Peoplesourcing so that (either we or our business partners) get on the phone – or, perhaps, on Skype or on Google-plus-hangout 🙂 – with just the right people and  as soon as possible. Peoplesourcing is also helpful for making a cold call warm.

Those of us who do that could be called Peoplesourcing Specialists.


We will be offering the People Sourcing Certifications at two levels:

  • IS-CPS-1 – Irina Shamaeva Certified People Sourcer Level 1 (or Certified Peoplesourcing Specialist Level 1)
  • IS-CPS-2 – Irina Shamaeva Certified People Sourcer Level 2 (or Certified Peoplesourcing Specialist Level 2)

Level 1 is designed for all Recruiters, Sales, Business Development professionals, and for junior Sourcers. Level 2 is designed for all Sourcers and anybody who wants to take their People Sourcing skills to the next level.

For each of the two levels we will include:

1. Three 90-minute webinars in one day, with breaks between them, covering the topics briefly outlined below. For Level 1, I will cover the basics of People Sourcing, go slowly, and provide many details and examples; for the Level 2, I will briefly go through the basics and add more topics, concepts, tools, and tips. This is the outline of the topics for either level:

  1. Internet Research. Search Engines: Syntax, operators, options; people search engines.
  2. Social Networks: LinkedIn (in-depth); Facebook; Twitter; Google-Plus.
  3. Productivity Tools: Parsing, Filtering, Browser Extensions, Verification; Use Cases (Peoplesourcing Scenarios)

For each class I will provide materials and video-recordings.

2. [several days after the long training day] A 90-minutes Q&A session; discussing example test questions.

3. One month of Q&A over email.

4. Test:

  • 60 multiple-choice questions for Level 1
  • 80 multiple-choice questions for Level 2.

The test will be “loosely” timed: you will need to complete it within one day. The Test needs to be taken within 90 days from the training day. It can be taken twice. (Please note, we will have variations of test questions for each level.)

Here’s the great part! If you sign up for a Certification Package, you are welcome to attend both programs. You will have to decide for which level you will take the test.


Certification Package (includes log-ins to two full days of training, Level-1 and Level-2, along with the materials and video-recordings; two 90-min Q&A sessions; one month of support; and two chances to take a test, at either Level 1 or Level 2): $599.00

There’s no separate pricing for just the program or just the test.

Discounts. Those who have AIRS certifications (either current or expired) relevant to People Sourcing: CIR, ACIR, or CSSR, get $150 off.

Those who have taken two or more of my 90-minute classes get $150 off.

Those who have won any contests at, Sourcecon contests, or were runner-ups: $150 off for the program, or take the Level 2 test free of charge.

Group Discounts are available. Please contact me at 510-233-9493/[email protected]  or our Director of Client Support Doug Bakke at 510-685-6111/[email protected]

Certification is valid for one year. Starting next month, we will also be offering an upgrade package from Level 1 to Level 2 and will provide information on renewals. (We will make it easy and inexpensive to renew.)


  • Certified Peoplesourcers will be listed on my site & recommended for future projects
  • The class will cover all the basic/intermediate material that you need to be competitive today; the materials are yours to keep
  • The program attendees will learn the peoplesourcing concepts and ways to stay on top of ever-increasing Internet tools and sites

More Info

I will hold two free information sessions. Please bring your questions.

The tentative upcoming dates for the Certification program:

  • Wednesday March 28, 2012: Training Day for Level 1
  • Wednesday April 4, 2012: Training Day for Level 2
  • Thursday April 5: Both Tests become available online
  • Tuesday April 10: Q&A for Level 1
  • Tuesday April 10: Q&A for Level 2
  • May 4: End of one month support
  • July 6: Deadline for passing the Test

Please watch the Certification page for further details.

Also, please check out, just posted:

Certifications FAQ

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  1. Will you be offering this later in the year. Unfortunately I will have to save and pay for myself. Company will not pay for this.

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