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Please note: here’s the NEW SITE with all the up-to-date info.

We have a huge volume of inquires about the Certifications and sign-ups are on-going, and I am very happy about it!

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What are the dates for the next training?

A. I will provide materials and video-recordings for all sessions. There will be live Q&A sessions convenient for everyone’s time zones.

Training in San Francisco, CA, USA at the Talentbin HQ (1550 Bryant St, San Francisco):
Level 1: Wed, June 6, 2012
Level 2: Thu, June 7, 2012

Alternatively, Online:
Level 1: Tue, June 12
Level 2: Thu, June 14

Q&A Sessions; weekly homework June-July 13th
Test week July 13th-July 20th.

Q. What is the cost?

A. The cost for the Certification program is $599.00 payable via a credit card or via paypal at the link, or send a check to: Irina Shamaeva ~ 201 Vista Heights Road ~ El Cerrito CA 94530

For this price you get all of the following:

  • 4.5 hours of training for your level
  • 3 video-recorded 90-minute lectures and slide sets for your level
  • extra materials and documentation
  • one month of support
  • two attempts to take a test

 Q. I will probably not be able to attend when you are giving the presentation live but would like to view them after work and take your test afterwards. Is it possible?

A. Absolutely! The lectures will be recorded. The materials and the recordings are yours to keep.

Q. Will other dates be available in the future?

A. Yes. We will be offering the program on a regular basis.

Q. Is it possible to only pay for the testing? Also I am not interested in the beginner lectures.

A. You can skip any lectures that you feel are not relevant to you (of course!), but we are not offering only material for either level, or just the tests. If you are interested in purchasing prerecorded classes on a particular topic we have them available.

Q. Is it possible to buy the materials only and perhaps join the program and go through testing later?

A.  Yes, we have made this available! You can get all the materials (“All But Tests”) for $399. You will get six 90-min lectures (slides, recordings).You will have an option to upgrade to the full program for the difference in price.

Q. How is this certification different from AIRS?

A. Great question!

  • The major goal of our certifications is to boost productivity and to reflect true knowledge and performance of those who pass the tests.
  • The material provided will teach attendees to understand the principles of peoplesourcing and to stay up-to-date.
  • The certification program will provide you will a solid foundation to succeed in any of your people sourcing activities.
  • I do not believe in specialization such as “social recruiting” vs. “Internet sourcing”; a true specialist needs to know it all. Therefore we only offer levels, not specializations.
  • We offer hands-on practice (a key to getting hands-on skills!) to by providing practice sessions and one month of unlimited support
  • It is more affordable than AIRS certifications; I offer more material for lower cost.
  • Those who get the Certifications will be listed on this site. (Check out the current list of Experts). I will recommend them for future projects, including “extra” projects coming my way that I can’t accommodate at this time.
  • This is simply the real deal.

Q. Would the Level 1 be appropriate for a true beginner of sourcing?

A. Yes! Level 1 is appropriate for “true beginners” and “old school” recruiters.



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  1. Will the training count for continuing education hours with SHRM? I have a SHRM certification and would like to know if I could get credit for the hours of the training.

    Thank you,

  2. I want to take the class now, but i’ll be taking the tests later. So, after taking the tests, is there any time period i have to take the tests (within so many months)? Also, if i am taking the tests later, where and how do i register?

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