The First Ever Level 2 Certified Peoplesourcer

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Congratulations to our very first Level 2 Certified Peoplesourcer – Jing Wang, a Sourcer and a Recruiter from Goldbeck Recruiting in Vancouver, Canada.

Based on Jing’s work through the Peoplesourcing Certification Program and on her Test Level 2 results, I would recommend her as a strong up-and-coming Sourcer, able to work hard, to absorb new material in high volumes, and to creatively apply a variety of tools and methods to get to the desired information.

Here’s what Jing wrote to me this morning, after receiving the news:

I can definitely say that Sourcing is something that I am passionate about and I have been following you (Irina) from the beginning, learning from you and other Master Sourcers out there. I am very happy and honored to be the first one to pass this certification program. The test was definitely challenging but extremely rewarding!

As for feedback on the course, I think it was very helpful in showing me the thought processes that are behind searching. I had been learning about Sourcing from so many different places, jumping from one article to another, reading up on blogs all the time but I didn’t know for sure whether I was going the right way. So your course has combined all the threads of knowledge and now I am very clear on the areas I need to keep on top of as well as the areas that I understood properly. The test was quite challenging as I said, and I must say that I kind of panicked a couple of time thinking that Oh my gosh, I am not going to be able to answer these questions. But then, I re-watched your slides and I feel like I was able to make use of all the things you taught us. I am happy that I was part of this progress in the People Sourcing industry with the launch of your certification program and being in the first batch of graduates! Thank you for creating this program and I will make sure to keep on learning, reading and practicing!

Congratulations, Jing! The best of luck to you in your career.


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  1. Congratulations Jing! Another one of the many successes you’ve achieved. I am very proud to be working with you and will always hope for your continued success in all your endeavors. Thanks for being such a great sourcer…your help is highly appreciated!

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