A Test Question for the People Sourcing Certification Program

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Participants of the People Sourcing Certification Program go through 60 questions for the Level 1 and 80 questions for the Level 2 at the end of the Program. We use the tests as an additional opportunity to practice and apply the sourcing skills.

As several participants have pointed out, and as one of them wrote, the Program actually makes you “think” instead of just plugging in some answers and forgetting about them a month later like some recruiters/sourcers do.

Here is a sample test question. It is in fact easy but, unless you think before and while you search, it looks like a pretty complex challenge!

I’ve decided to run a little contest around the question and support two sourcing enthusiasts to attend the Program.

Please email your answers to [email protected] from now till EOB Thursday May 31st to be included in a drawing to attend the Program as a guest (a $599 per person value).

We will randomly select one person for live attendance in San Francisco June 6-7 and one person to attend online (the online program starts June 12th). Please indicate live or online preference in your email.


1. Find a file containing several lists of employees from many companies, including: Amgen, Pfizer, Roche, Sanofi, and Astrazeneca. The lists are dated from 2000 to 2010. What is the file’s URL?

2. One of the people taking the test couldn’t initially find the answer, but did right away, after he and I discussed one sourcing idea. I didn’t give him any additional info but he found the file. What was the idea?



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    The competition was fierce! Many correct results and even more incorrect results were submitted. Here are the winners:

    Joe Self of Trustaff – Online; congratulations!
    Kim Rosenberg of Global Recruiters of San Mateo –Live in San Francisco; congratulations!

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