People Sourcing Certifications Update

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I’d like to share a People Sourcing Certifications Program update. We’ve had two rounds of the Program, starting in March and in June 2012. The program has been incredibly successful so far!

The next round will start in September. In the meantime, you can get the Program Materials from the June 2012 Program, with a special pricing of $299 until July 10th 2012.


In the first two rounds the Program attendees came from:

  • A mix of Corporate Recruiters, including people from Microsoft, Walmart, Verizon Wireless, KPMG, Genentech, Pepsi, OfficeMax, and Oracle, and Agency Recruiters from companies big and small.
  • All over the world: France, the UK, Ireland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Canada, the US, South Africa, India, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

About  55% of the attendees from the US were AIRS-certified (CIR, ACIR, and CSSR). While we had several strong people sourcers attend, more than half of the attendees came with little experience and had never used advanced Boolean syntax.

Feedback from the students has been overwhelmingly positive. “I feel that you pulled together and verified information that can be found in  numerous places into one concept and it finally ‘clicked’ for me”,  writes one of the current attendees. Two weeks after the graduation from the first round an attendee informed me of placing a candidate that she had found using the techniques that she’d “never locate otherwise“.


The next round of the Program will have the two levels study separately. The Level One starts on September 18th. The Level Two starts on September 25th. We will provide guidelines for deciding which level to sign up for.

We are working on enhancing and expanding the Program. In the next few weeks we’ll launch a dedicated website for the Program; post a list of Certified People Sourcing Professionals; create an online forum for attendees and alumnae; and plan live training in Europe. I am bringing the Program materials to share at my upcoming trip to the Sourcing Summit in Australia, where I am the keynote speaker.

Please keep in touch for updates. Those who purchase the Program Materials will be able to upgrade for the program with lectures, live Q&A, and tests, for the difference in price.


I’d like to thank all of my supporters and especially:

  • Martin Lee, Head of Business Development at Talent Works International, the UK
  • Jennifer and Shane Bowen, Principals at Voss Research, Seattle
  • David Galley, Sourcer and Recruiter at On-Board Services, Philadelphia
P.S. As I had hoped, I now have the capacity to do more people sourcing and research projects, since I have started collaborating with several Program graduates. International projects are welcome. Please call 510-233-9493, or email [email protected] if interested.


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