Sample Test Questions: Level One, Level Two

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Here are some sample test questions for the People Sourcing Certification Program:

Level One

  • How many people currently working at Microsoft have the word Ninja in their current title on LinkedIn?
  • There’s a “Racquetball League” site that lists a person who works (or used to work?) at ToysRUs. What is his job title?
  • How many members of the site are women?
  • Does Google accept the operator NOT (capitalized)?
  • What is the last name of the Zone II Director of the National Pharmaceutical Association?

Level Two

  • There are several people with the current title including the word Ninja, working at Microsoft, on LinkedIn. One of them works in software development, is involved with Bing, lives in Seattle, and has one duplicate profile on LinkedIn. What is his last name? When did he join Microsoft (year)?
  • Does any type of Google search (including its special searches) have these operators?
  1. inpublisher: 
  2. near:
  3. infile:
  4. ininventor:

You can register for the upcoming round of the Certifications today at our new site (just launched!):

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