9 Hidden Links to Google Search

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Remember this look-and-feel of Google search above?

As Google search engine progresses and offers new features and some new syntax, the older search dialogs are not easily accessed anymore. If you discover such a search screen you’ll see older “look and feel” and even “©2011 Google” at the bottom of the page. However, these search dialogs are still around, work beautifully, and, in some cases, provide extra search facets that are gone from the “official”, supported searches with the new look-and-feel.

  1. Advanced Patent Search
  2. Advanced Scholar Search,
  3. ~ which also points to the Legal Opinions Search
  4. Advanced Book Search
  5. Advanced Product Search
  6. Advanced Video Search (different from the new Video Search) – Also, some advanced searches have been recently upgraded, but are not easily found from the home page:
  7. Advanced News Search (available at the bottom of the news search)
  8. Advanced Image Search (available under the settings icon if you do an Image Search)
  9. This one is Copyright 2009! Advanced Group Search

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