International People Sourcing Contest

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Are you ready for a people sourcing contest? Two (or more) prizes await the winners.

Prize #1. Attendance at the first-ever live 

People Sourcing Certification Training in London UK

on October 24, 2012 – PLUS – continue with 4 weeks practice and tests online in the 

People Sourcing Certification Program in January 2013

Optionally, you can continue at

the Level Two instead, starting in February.

Additional prizes for the class in London will be given out to those who solve all of the sourcing puzzles, space permitting.

Prize #2. Attendance at the 

People Sourcing Certification Program in January/February 2013

 at the Level One or Level Two (your choice).

Deadline for the Contest: EOB Pacific Time MONDAY OCTOBER 22. When you are ready, enter the Contest Here:

(Don’t worry if you think you got it wrong the first time and can think of some improvements; we’ll accept multiple entries.)

To warm you up for the Contest, here are a few images you will see in the questions:



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