How to Source on Github

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Some professional sites with software developer population that charge recruiters arm and leg to access the user data, like stackoverflow, are quite hard to search. It’s possible, but it’s not easy. Github is a place where excellent developers hang out, that provides its own clean ways to search for its content – and its users:

If you are not a fan of search operators, you can simply do this:

Start searching for users

Select a programming language

Add a couple of clever keywords… (not necessarily these, but this example may give you some keyword ideas) and see results like this:

I never said that we should be emailing people as soon as we get hold of lists like this. More research and pre-qualification is always a good idea. But that’s quite a bit of sourced data in one quick shot!

X-raying on Google is also possible but the results are a little harder to browse. Try this: “joined on” “San Francisco” “”

X-raying on Bing, however, will not find a single thing: “joined on” “San Francisco” “”;

guess, why.

I will be explaining this type of people sourcing techniques in-depth at the upcoming webinar on how to source on professional sites, coming up on Tuesday, January 22nd. As usual, the slides, a video-recording, and one month of unlimited support will be provided for all who sign up.