Announcement: The Best Boolean Strings for Sale

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Following multiple suggestions over the last two years and the apparent demand for this type of service we are immediately opening a new type of business with the Best Boolean Strings being its primary delivery.

The preliminary pricing is as follows:

  • The Best Boolean String for one job description: $100
  • The Best Boolean Strings for 5 jobs or more: 15% discount
  • The Best Boolean Strings for 20 jobs or more: 25% discount
  • The Best Boolean String that works on LinkedIn: temporarily not available. Please watch for updates
  • The Best Boolean String to locate the complete list of attendees for a conference: $800
  • The Best Boolean string to find a complete employee directory for a company of up to 2,000 employees: only $1,000
    • Organizational chart: only $1,500
    • Over 2,000 employees: please call for pricing

The new service is a joint project between the People Sourcing Certification Program and Brain Gain Recruiting. For organizations with a large volume of sourcing or with challenging jobs to fill, the service is going to provide an alternative to educating their Recruiter Teams in the Program or even obtaining separate prerecorded training modules.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. We are looking forward to improve our industry and to solve its problems, starting today, April 1st, 2013!

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