Webinar: Sourcing For Diversity

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Join us for a Webinar with Irina Shamaeva on April 10

There’s no question about the positive effect diversity plays at corporations. If you make your goal to include diversity profiles in the talent pool, there are some straightforward ways to achieve that. When we discuss specific sourcing tips with recruiters in the People Sourcing Certification Program, they are often surprised to hear about creative yet simple approaches that they hadn’t thought of.

Are you trying to include Women in Technology, African-American, Latino, or Hispanic candidates in your talent pool? As with any type of search, you need to find out where potential candidates “hang out” and what a good search result would look like, and start from there. Apply the general sourcing best practices to searching for diversity, and you get the best practices for diversity sourcing.

While this webinar will provide a solid supply of concrete sites and tools to explore, it will empower you to create your own diversity hiring strategy, customized to your hiring needs and available resources. In addition, the people sourcing principles that Irina will describe, will help to revise and to improve the organization’s overall sourcing strategy.

Who should attend

Recruiters, Sourcers, and Managers who are passionate about workplace diversity.


The Basics of People Sourcing
The 4 Basic Boolean Operators
Creating Diversity Boolean Strings on:
• Google
• LinkedIn
• LinkedIn Recruiter
Constructing Specific Searches
• Women
• Racial and Ethnic
Creative Tips for Your Toolbox
Saving the Strings
Custom Search Engines
Locating Pools of Diverse Candidates
• Associations
• Lists of Associations

Date: Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Time: 9 AM PST/noon EST/5 PM London
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: $99
Included: the slides, a video-recording, and one month of support.

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