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Since searching all over the web with the raising complexity of sourcing is difficult, it seems to be desirable to ease the searching pains with auto-matching. Several vendors provide that, including and LinkedIn.

I have recently talked with the folks from and was amazed to learn that they are getting some serious active candidates’ traffic: around 3.5 MLN resumes submitted or refreshed within the last month. That’s quite a number! Apparently is wildly successful in that. 

Nobody would question LinkedIn’s success as the TOP destination for People Sourcing.

Both and LinkedIn provide matching profiles and resumes, respectively, for given job descriptions.

(I don’t mean to list all companies who try to do auto-matching; there are several out there, and I am not sure if I know of any winners currently. There’s one more company I’d like to mention, however: I just spoke with people from who are opening a matching multilingual component in their suite of recruiting/sourcing building blocks. If you are in Europe you should check it out.)

Let’s take a look at some matching results to two positions that I am currently sourcing for.

As any recruiter knows, the most important part in a job description is the Job Title. We cannot interview someone who is currently a Chief Cook for a CFO position and vise versa.

So – how do the following auto-“matches” come about??



I’d give these matches a score of Zero

Has anyone used either matching system successfully? Not that I think matching can be accomplished in such broad areas as “all profiles” and “all jobs” and without some genius engineers and a few supercomputers…but these job titles as “matching” to the titles in the job descriptions?

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  1. In France there is launched in July 2011. It resembles a lot. According to its co-founder, it has now become the #3 top-used job board in France with half a million job seekers (3000 subscriptions a day) and 20 million contacts made by recruiters.
    I used qapa for job search. Automatic matching worked for me in around 30% of times (probably a hint that I need to revise key words on my CV). Manual searches are trickier than on a traditional job board as you are required to choose a job title from their directory. However, it is partly compensated with the easiness of application.

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