Google Search Results Reflect Previous Search

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This post is just to share something quite interesting that I have noticed while using Google search. (This is not a “sourcing tip” type of post.) I am curious whether anyone has seen this – or any posts about it. It could be that I’ve seen some experimenting on Google’s part, not available across Google search.

Here’s what I did. I simply searched for Oracle and got this:


No surprises here. The piece on the right is part of the Knowledge Graph: Google search knows that Oracle is a company.

Then, I simply searched for Javascript and then repeated the search for Oracle. By the way, I was doing this in an incognito window. Here’s what was unexpected: the results were now different, obviously favoring the keyword from the previous search:

See the difference in the search results the first and the second time? I am not sure what to make of it! If Google is going to show different results based on past searches, this has serious consequences in how we should be searching altogether.