Sourcing Methodologies – Thu July 24th, 2014

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In this newly developed webinar, “Sourcing Methodologies”,  I will cover several innovative sourcing and research concepts, that, once put to work, are going to make your Sourcing soar to the new heights! (See the registration link below.)

“X-Raying”, “Flipping” and “Peeling” are ways to source talent, that were named and conceptualized fifteen years ago. While they remain perfectly applicable and useful, today’s Internet has a gigantic volume and much more complex structure, compared to back then. The modern Sourcing Theory, that I will cover, takes full advantage of what today’s Internet offers. The material is as an outcome of creative (my and colleagues) hands-on Sourcing Practice across industries.

I have named some selected concepts below; sign up for the webinar for the full, detailed coverage, along with plenty of examples.

1. “Visualize Success”: imagine what you are going to find, then use that to find the target pages. While this sounds like a common sense approach, some of its “extreme” applications may surprise you.

2. “Follow the Leads”: identify your ideal candidate online, then find other promising profiles by looking up that professional’s traces online. Consistently following those traces (as described in a post sometime ago) works wonders, especially if your target professionals are members of committees, associations, or other professional “gatherings”.

3. “Sourcing without Searching” (described in the previous post as  “Lazy Sourcing”): obtain a set of data with known structure (such as emails, resumes, or lists of contacts) from the web, then, parse, sort, and filter. There are some true gems that can be found this way. Existing tools make it doable by anyone, not just by “geeks”.

4. “Cross-Referencing”: starting from incomplete initial data, build up professional profiles by locating and assembling the professional bio details. It’s now powered by Social Lookup tools (such as MS Outlook Social Connector) and by creative uses of existing functionality of Social Networks.

While you may already be using some elements of these concepts in your day-to-day sourcing, being aware of the theory behind it will facilitate consistent productivity – and enjoyment – of your work. Get on the phone with that potential candidate faster!

Who should attend: Recruiters, Sourcers, and everyone looking for professionals online.

The webinar will be especially useful for those who feel that their resources are getting exhausted, or that their sourcing is too labor-intensive, and are looking for new ways to source.

Date: Thursday July 24th, 10 AM Pacific Time
Length: 90 minutes
Register: [NOTE – JULY 24: THE REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. PLEASE CONTACT [email protected] WITH QUESTIONS]: (you will receive the login instructions within 24 hours after submitting a payment; you will get all the materials one day after the webinar)
Included: Slides, video-recording, and one month of support applying theory to practice

Seating is limited; sign up early.

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  1. Hi John,

    Is there a way of accessing this webinar via video to view at a later date? I am in Australia and the webinar will be at 3am local time!



    P.S. Apologies for the duplicate post, email address was incorrect.

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