Roads Less Taken

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By all means we should be reaching for the “low hanging fruit” first. To find the target potential candidates we should first go to the ATS, search on Job Boards and on LinkedIn. It would be silly to ignore the easy available sources and do something “exotic” instead.

However, everyone else is also going to the same search dialog on LinkedIn and typing in similar, if not the same, keywords, based on the role. As a result, for the popular roles, the same LinkedIn members get similar-sounding InMails. This leads to: 1) their annoyance and 2) our drop in productivity.

Yet some professionals do have profiles on LinkedIn, could be perfect matches for the roles, and are rarely found.

Here’s how to

Find Hard-to-Find Professionals That Others Don’t

The below Sourcing Scenario is based on using MS Outlook Social Connector that I wrote about earlier, describing how to find almost anyone’s email in that post.

I’ll use an example just discussed at the Sourcing Summit in New Zealand. As you will see, some of the professionals identified this way would not be found by the above LinkedIn search – even using a very long Boolean OR statement.

Step 1. (Step away from LinkedIn for a bit.) Search for JavaScript Developers on Github in NZ:


 Step 2. Collect the email addresses using an email extractor of your choice; then go to the Outlook Social Connector:


Step 3. Review the profiles.


As you can see, this way you may find skilled professionals, whom others are not likely to find. This is a road less taken – but it’s not hard to take at all.

The MS Outlook Connector is not the only way to perform this kind of “Lazy” Sourcing (where I described the general concept) but it is certainly an excellent sourcing and a general productivity tool. I recommend using it.

P.S. Sourcers –  Any guesses where the above photo was taken? 🙂

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  1. Great post Irina! A good reminder to get away from LinkedIn every now and then.

    Re. the location of the picture – I’m going to go with near Raincliff in Canterbury, NZ 😉

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