One More Sourcing Challenge (Advanced!)

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I received over 20 responses for the #HIREConf Sourcing Challenge in one day. Most participants sent me the right answer; well done! I now have a correct answer for each of the two great prizes. So that search is over.

Here’s an additional Advanced Advanced Challenge, for which I am adding two prizes of the same kind: a Special Guest Pass to HIREConf and a webinar from the Training Library. If you have not participated in the first challenge, you have a chance to jump in right now!

#HIREConf Advanced Sourcing Challenge – Open to Everyone

Please read carefully.

Suggest ONE SEARCH STRING on ONE SITE, that would instantly identify the person who fits the first two requirements. THE SEARCH STRING MUST BE NO LONGER THAN 20 CHARACTERS.

(By a SITE above I mean a website that allows searching, which could be Google, Github, Google+, LinkedIn, or some other site.)

As a reminder, here are the first two requirements. That person:

1) Works at an office on the 8th floor, at an address within the same zipcode as the hotel where HIREConf is held;

2) Has a Github profile, created in 2014; has somewhere between 60 and 70 followers there, but is not following anyone.

Of course, if you already know the answer to the previous challenge, that may put you at an advantage. (Or not.)

Email me the URL for that search.

Have even more fun!

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