#HIREConf Sourcing Challenge

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(Wherever you live, if you enjoy solving fun Sourcing Challenges, don’t miss the one below.)

If you are a Recruiter in the San Francisco Bay Area:

If you can make it, I’d be glad to meet live at the upcoming HIREconf, a full day conference with training and talks focused on Sourcing and Recruiting in highly competitive markets. It’s coming up on November 4, 2014. I will be giving a live 3+ hour interactive Sourcing Workshop, covering lots of Sourcing tips and techniques for the modern Recruiter.

The HIREConf price is affordable and is incredibly low, given the amount of great content that is going to be revealed. If the price is a problem, however, our Boolean Strings members get a discount. I also have 5 free tickets given to me by the organizers; be one of the first 5 people to email George and he will give you that secret registration link. (Actually, if you are a really good Sourcer, you won’t even need to email George.)

Local Sourcing Certification Program past attendees and supporters: it’s also your chance to meet David Galley and George Glikman, who are on the Program Team, and my business partner Julia Tverskaya of the Brain Gain Recruiting fame; they will be attending. They are all very cool people!

I would like to offer 1 (one) Master Sourcer Guest Ticket to HIREConf to the person who is the first to solve a Sourcing Challenge, identified shortly.

To make it interesting for those who live outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, I will also offer 1 (one) webinar from our Training Library to the first person who submits the right answer.

We’ll have one local and one non-local winner.

#HIREConf Sourcing Challenge – Open to Everyone


Find a person who:

1) Works at an office on the 8th floor, at an address within the same zipcode as the hotel where HIREConf is held

2) Has a Github profile, created in 2014; has somewhere between 60 and 70 followers there, but is not following anyone

3) His company was established in 2012, and has something to do with JavaScript… well, OK, one can learn JavaScript there.

Send me an email with the subject #HIREConf Sourcing Challenge and let me know what his last name is. Please follow these directions exactly to qualify!

  • As soon as I receive the winning answer for attending HIREConf, I will update this post. — Solved!
  • As soon as I receive the winning answer for getting a Sourcing webinar (non-Bay Area people) I will update this post. — Solved!

Have fun!

hireconf>>> note: I posted a new (advanced) challenge.

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