Sourcing Certification EXAM Demo Sessions

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Are you interested in joining the ranks of Certified Sourcing Professionals in 2014? Our final Sourcing Certification Exam period this year is coming up during the week of December 8, 2014.

How do you decide whether you are ready to take the Exam?

In brief: to pass the Exam requires good knowledge of Googling and Sourcing on Social Sites; familiarity with some productivity tools; and the ability to combine that knowledge and skills in solving practical hands-on sourcing challenges. These are the baseline skills necessary for every Recruiter, to make sure they quickly find and try to engage the right potential candidates – and find some hard-to-find top talent as well.

Those already enrolled in the Program on a subscription basis have access to all the necessary material and practice tests in the Sourcing Guidebook and pick the Exam date when they feel ready. However, taking the Exam and getting Certified is now also offered separately from being enrolled in the study through the Guidebook.

Join me (Irina) at one of the two Sourcing Certification EXAM Demo Sessions: Friday November  or Tuesday December 2. At the sessions,  I will provide a brief overview of the Sourcing techniques you need to successfully pass the Exam; will show a number of sample questions similar to those at the Exam – and the ways to solve them (those are fun!); and will answer your questions about the Certification Program and the Exam. Sign up here:

  1. Sourcing Certification EXAM Demo Session – Friday November 21
  2. Sourcing Certification EXAM Demo Session – Tuesday December 2

>>> Here is the best part: at each of the two Demo sessions we will be giving away 5 (five) guest passes to take the Exam during the upcoming Exam week in December.

Seating at the Demo sessions is Limited. Register now to reserve your seat for one of the two sessions.

If you have any general questions about the Sourcing Certification Program and the Exams, or if you would like to register a team, please browse through the Sourcing Certification Site or contact our Customer Support Manager George Glikman.



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