Five Sourcing Tips I Learned From Others

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Once in a while I run into a post outlining a sourcing tip that I didn’t know about, or hear a new tip in conversations. Today I’d like to point to some of those tips and thank my colleagues for sharing them.

1) The Facebook #Sourcing Tutorial by Balazs Paroczay . It’s not “just” a tip but a whole methodology of constructing Facebook Graph searches. Once you go through the initial digesting of the technique, you would be able to create searches like “People who like Python programming language have worked at Apple and have worked at Google and live near San Francisco, California” in no time. This technique allows to create searches even beyond those that Facebook can express in English, such as this: Registered Nurses who work at Kaiser.

2) How to Find Almost Any GitHub User’s Email Address by Matthew Ferree – nice practical tip, applicable to everyone’s daily sourcing for Software Engineers. Matthew explains how to discover the email address of a Gihub member if it’s not visible on the public profile.

3)  Targeting events to source candidates by Billy McDiarmid – this is an unexpected discovery of geographical locations being “hidden” in the member profiles. Billy has posted some guesses there, that can be taken into further exploration. (Anyone?)

4) How to find a Person’s Exact ZIP Code Using LinkedIn Recruiter by Randy Bailey – with the limitations LinkedIn places on us in terms of location searching, this is a nice way to learn where exactly the person lives, without jumping through hoops.

5) How to look for Chrome Extensions by Shane McCusker. I have long been annoyed when getting stuck while looking up a Chrome extension that I knew existed but now shown in the official extension search. Here’s one of several cool tips Shane shared with us at the last SOSUEU conference: simply X-Ray (example) and you will find more.

On the photo above: Oscar Mager, Jim Stroud, Shane McCuscer, Balazs Paroczay, and I sharing some sourcing tips at the dinner after the Sourcing Summit Europe this year. (For a wonderful collection of the conference photos I suggest checking out Oscar’s Album #SOSUEU 2014.)

It’s your turn now! What sourcing tips have you learned from others? Please share.


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