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Due to the just-introduced Commercial Use Limit on Search, many LinkedIn members are hitting the search quota for the month in the first day or two of January 2015 – and have to wait another month to search again. LinkedIn didn’t say how many searches are “too many”; the experience shows it’s around sixty searches for one month.

I find limiting the search for unpaid accounts reasonable. It’s not new; a number of commercial search system have similar limitations.

If you are struggling with the new limits on searching and are not ready to go with a paid account yet:

1) There are a number of ways to search that are not counted in the monthly quota. These ways are no substitute for the advanced member search, but can be quite useful. This includes:

2) Naturally, Googling for LinkedIn profiles (“X-Raying”) remains unlimited!

Use this Custom Search Engine to X-Ray LinkedIn:

(I have updated the Search Engine URL to provide up to 1,000 results.) Here are some example uses:


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  1. Irina 100% Agree

    >I find limiting the search for unpaid accounts reasonable.
    > It’s not new; a number of commercial search system have similar limitations.

    Why should recruiters and sourcers expect FREE data that they in turn go and sell as candidates and make salary or big money?

    I think this limitation will make LinkedIn more valuable for those that use it to generate revenue – They will not have to compete with companies that are too cheap to payup.

    Iriina, Also I am glad you researched and found areas where LinkedIn doesn’t increment search count, Good info.

    CEO of eGrabber

    eMail-Finder, gets email-ID of prospects in <30 seconds.

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