How to Source on About.Me

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When a specific site may have target professionals, there are always two complementary ways to try to source them from the site:

  • Deep Web Search, i.e. using the site’s search dialog(s)
  • X-Ray, i.e. searching for the information  on the Surface Web, using a search engine’s (typically, Google’s) operator site:

Let’s apply the two approaches to sourcing on the site

Deep Web Search

 The search dialog offers to enter “an interest, place, organization, or name”.

Apparently, the dialog interprets any entered keywords along these categories. For example, if you enter Microsoft, it is interpreted as an organization; if you add Seattle, the search is narrowed down to a place.

To control the searches better than the search dialog offers, you can use the syntax of constructing the search URL, filling out one or more of the search facets:


 Obviously, you can X-Ray for keywords that are likely to appear on the profiles: microsoft seattle software

Notice that the employer, location, name, and education are often present in the titles of the profiles. You can try X-raying in a more precise manner by using the operator intitle: intitle:microsoft

Here’s an X-Ray for contact information example: C#

Finally, for those who really dislike advanced Boolean operators, here is an

X-Ray Custom Search Engine

Use the Public URL: X-Ray

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