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We all know how much positive influence diversity provides in the workplace. As a follow-up to our recent, well-attended and appreciated Sourcing for Diversity Webinar, and to help to source from diversity pools of candidates, I’d like to share the new Custom Search Engine (CSE).

Public URL: Diversity Associations CSE

Shortcut: https://bitly.com/diversity-assoc

Here is how to use it: enter a location name or industry name, then use the refinements (Women, Hispanic, Black, Asian-American, Gay/Lesbian, Veterans, Disabled, or Minority) to find the specific associations to source from.

As an example, enter engineering as a keyword and use the Women refinement. Or, search for Texas and use the Black refinement.

Tip: to find associations with publicly posted member lists, search for one of:

  • Member list OR directory”
  • “Find a member” OR “search for members”

Try searching here – enter your keywords first:

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