Sourcing Certification Program News – April 2015

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The Program was created to keep Recruiting professionals and teams on top of all things Sourcing and Searching and to allow fair measurement of Sourcing skills. It is thriving and has evolved. We have made some changes in the format and content, based on our significant experience and user feedback.

We refresh the materials in the Guidebook monthly, to reflect everything important that has changed and the top new tools.

Update after the Info Session May 6, 2015:

This was our largest info session ever! Also, now is the first time ever the Program is offering the premium subscription with HiringSolved.

The subscription prices go up June 1st. While the Program will continue to provide the best ROI among available sourcing training options after June 1st – if you are ready, you can go ahead and subscribe now.

Here, I will briefly outline the news:

Subscription. The Program now offers a yearly subscription to online multimedia materials that a participant can access at any time. The modules cover “everything” sourcing, from Search Engines to Social Networks and LinkedIn “hacks” to productivity tools. The formats include how-to posts with screenshots; videos; practice tasks; quizzes; and Tip Sheets.

Teams get special treatment: group discounts and interactive custom sessions.

At this time, we are also adding extra modules covering: candidate engagement; phone sourcing; and sourcing tips for various locations (in the US and worldwide) and industries.

Support. An outstanding feature of the Guidebook is that everyone receives support in navigating and applying sourcing skills for the whole year. (This alone is worth the price of the subscription!) We’ve been praised for caring about our customers.

If you feel you are ready, go ahead and subscribe.

Exams. While we now allow to take the exam and get certified without the subscription, the exam log shows that our subscribers do significantly better in the exams testing hands-on sourcing skills. The cost of the Exam is included with the Sourcing Guidebook subscription.

Reference Library. In addition to training and practice modules, the Guidebook contains Reference Tip sheets, including Boolean strings syntax chart, a library of “top” Boolean strings, lists of tips for “back-door” sourcing on LinkedIn, lists of tools and browser extensions, and more. Keep it open while sourcing.

Tools and Premium Subscription. We provide lists of Boolean strings and Custom Search Engines for participants to use.

As a new addition, we are excited to have a partnership with the people aggregator HiringSolved – the only people aggregator that searches across all locations and industries. Combined access to our training and reference platform is offered as a premium subscription (already available as an option) and provides outstanding ROI, as an All-in-One Sourcing Training/Reference/Tools solution.

Reports. We know that the measurement of training and sourcing performance is critical. At the request of team managers, we have developed reporting tools on the Guidebook and the tools usage.

Please note, all subscription prices go up on June 1st, 2015. Our solution will still remain the best in terms of ROI.

Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support Manager George Glikman with questions or to help to get your subscription going.

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