The Boolean Template for International Lists

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Here is how to find lists of professionals in a specific industry, from given countries or regions.

1) Start with one of the words: members, list, participants, attend (etc.)

(Note: Do NOT combine these words with an OR statement).

2) Add two to three specific country email domain extensions such as “de”, “nl”, “au”, “za”, etc.

3) Optionally, add a few phone codes such as 44, 31, etc.

4) Add one or two job titles or industry key phrases.

Here are some examples:

Repeat multiple variations of 1)-4) until you see some interesting results.

What you can do next:

Work with the lists: narrow them down to the “right” professionals by filtering and cross-reference to find out more about those that are promising.

These searches are simple, do not use any advanced Boolean operators, yet they can be quite efficient.

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