Overcoming LinkedIn Limitations – Webinar

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Overcoming LinkedIn Limitations

Double-Webinar: Lecture – Wednesday June 24, optional Practice – June 25

In 2015, we are witnessing tighter limits on using LinkedIn for Sourcing and messaging than ever before. All accounts, basic and paid, and even LIR (LinkedIn Recruiter) have newly introduced restrictions. Depending on the account, members face the limits on the numbers of search to perform per month; numbers of search results displayed; profile visibility; group messaging; and InMail usage. Additionally, X-Raying LinkedIn through Google has lost some of its power due to the recent public profile redesign.

It is everyone’s individual decision as to what type of LinkedIn account works best. However, no matter what type of account you have, you can increase productivity by using clever workarounds and “back doors”. In this new webinar, I will go over all the new limitations that slow down searching and messaging on LinkedIn and explain the ways to work around the restrictions, for every type of account.

Note: By signing up for the webinar, you commit to NOT sharing any of the tips online.

Overcoming LinkedIn Limitations – Lecture (Irina Shamaeva) – Wednesday June 24, 2015, 9 AM-10:30 AM PDT

Overcoming LinkedIn Limitations – Hands-on Practice (David Galley) – Thursday June 25, 2015, 9 AM-10:30 AM PDT

Included: the slides, video recording(s) for everyone who signs up to keep, and one month of support.

Seating is limited for both sessions.

Register for “Overcoming LinkedIn’s Limitations” now.

Expect to get the login information within one business day after your submit a payment.





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