How To Source on LinkedIn with Any Account

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In a recent post, I have described a great productivity tool, Talent Pipeline, available to those who have a LinkedIn Recruiter subscription.

It’s little-known, but those without a Recruiter subscription can use LinkedIn functionality similar to Talent Pipeline. It is available from any personal account, Basic and Business alike. Just like with the Recruiter Pipeline tool, you can upload a list of email addresses and search within the profiles identified as belonging to LinkedIn members.

To take advantage of this function, first, paste the collected email addresses into a Yahoo-CSV-formatted file. Upload the file using the Yahoo-CSV upload button at the bottom of the page in LinkedIn Contacts:


It takes a bit of time to sync the profiles with the email list. When LinkedIn finishes uploading, you will see the list of identified profiles. It would look like this:


The purple Yahoo logo on the right shows the “source” for contacts; the grayed-out LinkedIn logo points to identified profiles that are not your connections.

You can then review the uploaded profiles. Here is a link to the profiles imported from a Yahoo CSV format, sorted by “new”. It will work for you shortly after you upload the file. You can now review the list and contact those members whose profiles look promising. Since the profiles already contain contact information, there’s a choice of an InMail and an email for reaching out. Uploading emails, identifying members, with an ability to message comes pretty close to similar functionality in the Pipeline tool! Try it out and let me know how it works for you.


P.S. If you’d also like to search within the uploaded data vs. reviewing it, it’s not straightforward. The current search functionality in the Contacts doesn’t allow to combine search by several facets. We can’t search for a company, title, and location at the same time. (There is an unofficial link that will still allow to do advanced searches.)

To catch up on a variety of ways to source LinkedIn, including detailed explanations and examples of working this little-known yet very useful functionality, sign up for our webinar – Maximize ROI on Linkedin (last chance this year!) – Wednesday, November 18, with an optional practice on Thursday, November 19. (I will share the advanced search link at the webinar as well.) Seating is limited.



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