Boolean Sourcing Contest!

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It has been seven years since the first Boolean Sourcing Contest (won by Andrea Mitchell). The ways search engines respond to queries have shifted since then. Boolean Search syntax has changed, but only sightly. However:

1) Google has become smarter, interpreting searches and looking for synonyms.

2) The amount of indexed data on the Internet has grown many times.

It has become harder to control Googling outcome. Sometimes it feels like, with the changes, advanced Internet search is becoming more of an Art than a Science.

In the just-announced End of the Year Boolean Sourcing Contest, I have included some tricky questions, which should be fun to solve for all those who like to search. Hope you enjoy them (and learn something new too)!

It’s also a good moment to reflect how the technology is evolving. We need to be adjusting our research methods to reflect the Internet search “reality” and use the most efficient and up-to-date searching methods.

Three winners of the Contest will receive my upcoming publication “300 Best Boolean Strings” and will be featured on this blog and on our Boolean Sourcing groups.


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