300 Strings e-Book: Tip Sheet and Table of Contents

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The first edition of the e-Book “300 Best Boolean Strings” is ready and starting to ship!!! (“Shipping” electronically, of course.)

Writing it took much more work than I had expected. Verifying the exact syntax rules down to every detail, selecting the material, re-running all the search strings, and formatting was a lot of effort. I wouldn’t have done it without extensive help from my business partner Master Sourcer David Galley. Thanks to my wonderful son Peter (who doesn’t have an online profile yet) for drawing the cover image. I am grateful to Billy McDiarmid, Alicia PriselacVince SzymczakKelly Dingee, and Martin Lee for reviewing the draft and detailed (positive!) feedback.

If you are interested, here are a couple of files to download, to preview the e-book content:

  1. 300 Best Boolean Strings – Table of Contents
  2. One-page Google Operators Tip Sheet

The full e-Book is now available on the Blog.

You can also get a recording and materials from my e-Book-based 90-minute Webinar.