Five Strings to Source for IT Professionals

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Information Technology

As some sourcing tools are going away, I am becoming more interested (almost addicted!) to creating and using Custom Search Engines for sourcing. Recruiters have not yet utilized this resource to its full strength – especially, semantic search features, unavailable on “proper”.

I have already shared Search Engines for Accountants and for Physicians.

Here are five Search Engines, each with an example search string, to help to source for Information Technology professionals.

1. Search in Software Code –

Example – find Developers who have worked with Linux Kernel: linux kernel credits OR contributors OR authors

2. Search for creatives on Behance –

Example – UX Designers in Austin

3. Search for resumes on Slideshare –

Example – quality assurance automation new york

4. Search for Meetup members –

Example – SAS Programmer Toronto

5. Search for profiles on Google-Plus –

cloud engineering “lives in Seattle” “works OR worked at Amazon”

I will be discussing many more ways to find Information Technology professionals at the webinar How to Find and Attract Technical Talent. Check it out!

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