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As LinkedIn has informed their users, “On February 25th we’ll be removing the ability to save new contacts and sort your contact list by saved contacts. We’ve migrated the contacts you’ve already saved to a tag called “Saved_ Contacts” so you won’t lose anything you’ve already stored.”

This is an unfortunate turn for those of us who have used the Contacts feature to collect and tag profiles of LinkedIn members (not necessarily the first-level connections). If you have used the “save” feature, here is a shortcut to finding your previously saved contacts (sorted by “new”).

Since we are discussing Contacts, let me share a hidden way to search within them. (Hope it stays!) We can search within the Contacts (including first-level connections, saved profiles, and imported address books) using this dialog – it’s not referenced from anywhere on the current LinkedIn site, but it works and provides more powerful and user-friendly search than the current Contacts page.

This (very unusual) search shows all of the records in your Contacts; you can start here and narrow down to locations, companies, and job titles. You can sort the results by a variety of filters, not available on the Contacts page, including company and location. Of course, this search dialog is also not subject to Commercial search limits, that, once it’s “on”, affects even searching within the first-level connections.

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  1. Here is one work around that is currently working. It is unclear if this will continue to work once the update is fully live and final on February 25, 2016:

    1. Open your connections/contacts page. Sort them by “new”

    2. Open a new window and execute your search.

    3. On the search results page, open profiles you want to review more closely in a NEW window or tab. Do not traffic away from the search results page.

    4. If you open John Doe in a new tab, and decide to save him as a contact, go back to the search results page.

    5. Next to John Doe in the search result, bypass the blue “connect” button and find the small black arrow to its right.

    6. Click the arrow to reveal a drop down menu. “Save” should be an option. Click it to save John Doe as a contact.

    7. Go back to the first original window with your connections/contacts sorted by “new”

    8. Refresh the page and John Doe should appear at the top as a saved contact you can now ad a tag too.

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