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(Drawing by Sourcing Certification Staff Artist Peter Friedman.)

For EVERYONE who searches for qualified professionals as part of their job (You!):

If the last class you took on Boolean searching was over a year ago or if you have never taken one, consider taking to webinar on the Boolean search (now available as a recording).

Did you know that:

– You shouldn’t use ‘AND’ when searching on Google?

– Google automatically includes variations of all keywords – and may “decide” to drop some keywords as well, unless you “tell” it not to?

– By excluding “jobs” in Googling you may also miss some resumes?

– LinkedIn has four different syntax rules for the same search box, depending on what you are looking for?

Knowing the correct search syntax and the unwritten rules on how various sites interpret your search strings is critical to finding the right results fast.

In 2016, we are seeing more professional data available in search and some shifts happening in how Boolean search works on various sites – let’s make sure we stay on top of all changes! Due to the introduction of #RankBrain, the best Boolean Strings are different from what they used to be.  It’s time to update your strings. Long OR statements are inefficient and produce fewer results. Using “Boolean Builders” are going to decrease your performance – it’s best to craft your searches “by hand”.

Sign up for the webinar to learn and stay on top of the best ways to search –

As always, we provide all the materials for you to keep, including a Boolean Tip Sheet, and one month of support.

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