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Photo: David Galley, me, and Martin Lee – from Oscar Mager’s Sourcing Summit Europe – 2015 album.

I am very happy to announce that my good friend and colleague Martin Lee is joining us full time as Head Instructor at Sourcing Certification and  Partner, EMEA & APAC at Brain Gain Recruiting.

Martin and I met at the second #trulondon event (very un-conference style) back in 2010, have stayed in touch, met at conferences (including all of Sourcing Summits in Europe) and training events, and collaborated since.


Martin is highly regarded as a sourcing thought leader in Europe. He has almost 20 years direct sourcing experience working with some of the world’s largest companies providing them with rare and difficult to find skills. He has trained inhouse and agency recruiters and advises global organizations on direct sourcing techniques with considerable experience in mapping target companies, competitor analysis and data mining. He sources globally with significant experience across EMEA & APAC with hands on experience of the differences in culture, tools and methods.

Before joining us at Brain Gain and Sourcing Certification Martin was VP, Head of Sourcing & Research EMEA & APAC at Kelly Services where he oversaw all sourcing and candidate engagement strategies. He understands the differences in recruiting across different countries and remains a hands on sourcer whilst consulting with Brain Gains customers on best practices. (I know the various country-based teams at Kelly will miss him!)

Welcome, Martin!


P.S. If you are an agency recruiter, check out our first upcoming joint webinar with Martin (just posted on our sourcing training site): How to Find Clients and Vacancies for Your Recruiting Agency.


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