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“Like writing poetry or tweeting, searching without operators allows us to be creative and make discoveries.” – David Galley

Searching without Boolean is a new webinar with how-to, step-by-step guide to creating amazing searches in English; here is a quick write-up on its content.

If you search the Web on a regular basis, you will want to obtain the webinar materials, to instantly improve your sourcing performance. Promise, you will never search like you used to! Tune into the best ways to build queries, that are now simpler and cleaner than before, yet produce superior results.

Recruiters: want to get on the phone with potential candidates fast? The webinar teaches more than a dozen easy to use “plain English” search patterns, which do not require advanced search skills. (But they do require thinking it through and understanding what to expect; we’ll go over that in the presentation).

Major search engines, including Google, are rapidly becoming more semantic-oriented, meaning – they try to guess the intent of the person who Googles and respond appropriately. In many practical cases, Google is now giving better answers to searching “in English”, without advanced operators, than when using complex Boolean constructions. That’s great news!

At the lecture, I demonstrate finding “hidden” professionals, locating and exploring previously unknown sites full of candidate details, by using creative patterns and templates, searching in English “without Boolean”.

Equipped with the search patterns that are easy to keep in mind and apply, you will be able to put your new skills to work as soon as the webinar ends.

Who should attend: Recruiters who need to find target professionals outside of the mainstream sites, but dislike or don’t have enough time to write complex Boolean Strings. Everyone who wants to find more professional information on the web by using additional search patterns.

Included: The slides and video recording from the session(s) for you to keep and one month of support for any questions about the Boolean free Sourcing techniques demonstrated in the webinar.

The webinar materials are available (including one month support): Searching without Boolean.

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