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Ever since we started making use of structured web search capabilities, I have been fascinated by the precise results we can obtain from a general search engine via this mechanism.

Here is an investigation and multiple examples of precise X-Raying on, which is a truly useful site to know if you are looking for software developers.

For those (few) Sourcers who love working with advanced search operators – here is where you will find tons of long and barely readable expressions, that you can change to your liking! For your convenience, I have placed a search box for Custom X-Raying Github below as well.

For those who’d rather skip the cryptic search syntax, the good news is that we have a new, unique Sourcing Tool in development – currently, in a stealth mode – that will relieve end users of needing to use these operators. (Please follow us for more news!)

For now, just take a look at the search results. You will find them to be precisely finding what we are looking for in each case – a big difference with “general” Google and most social sites.

Here you go:

Examples – Github Precise XRay Member Search

Want to build your own? The Custom Search Engines Webinar is coming up!

And here is a

Github Custom XRay Engine

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