A Github Productivity Tool

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It’s not often that I post a blog about a tool the next day I hear about it; this one is an exception. As if in response to my complaint about finding Github profiles where a particular programming language is “dominant”, i.e. most of the person’s code is written in that language, I got a message about OctoHR, a new free, lightweight, and useful Chrome extension. OctoHR shows the language “preference” information and reveals an email address as well.  It can save Recruiters who directly source on Github a lot of time.

Here are two screenshots – the tool clearly shows which of the two profiles is a potential “Java Developer” candidate and which is not, independently of their activity level:

Additionally, the OctoHR has a quick UI dialog with input text boxes for locations and languages. That is to help those who are not using advanced Github user search(perhaps for the lack of time).

Try the tool out at OctoHR and please give its author @dmitryzaets feedback or ask for desired additional features.


P.S. I can suggest a desired feature. Can we have a search for Github users for “predominant language”=Java + “follower number” > 50 + “Java repositories number” > 7? That might be a hard-to-implement requirement!