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If we are looking for professionals who work with certain technologies (for example, Linux, Selenium, Tensorflow, or NetSuite) and have not been able to find enough to cover the demand, how can we find more? If we know that a company uses a particular technology, then the employees who are on a team that uses the technology are likely to use it too. That includes professionals whom we won’t find online by the keywords.

To build a list of target companies, we might ask, for example,

  1. What are the largest companies that use Selenium for automated testing?
  2. Which companies use Tensorflow for deep learning?
  3. Which companies in Seattle use NetSuite products?

There are several ways to research, that can be combined. Let me point out two simple techniques:

  1. Look at job posts. Here is an example job search on Indeed.com – full-time in New York, with Selenium. See the list of identified companies circled in green. These companies use Selenium. We can expect someone who is in the testing department to use Selenium even if they don’t say that on their LinkedIn profile or do not have that profile at all.


2. Search on a social site with a large number of target professionals. This could be LinkedIn or XING or an industry-oriented social site. If we search for people on LinkedIn using a technology keyword, we won’t find “everybody” – but we will find many profiles, which, in turn, will “tell us” about potential target companies.

As an example, which companies in Seattle work with NetSuite? Here is a people search –  that reveals several companies:


There are other sources to check, including the simple “which companies use *” (use a technology name instead of *). That is for those of us who are lazy and want to check if someone else already did the research for us. 🙂

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