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Our Sourcing Certification Program is now in its sixth year. We have had hundreds of professionals enroll in our Subscription and take the Exam. I wanted to update everyone on our offerings.

The Training Library has twenty recorded classes, to study at your own pace. The classes cover a variety of sourcing topics in-depth. Some webinars include two sessions, a Lecture, and Practice. Every webinar comes with one month of unlimited support on the topic.

We also offer interactive workshops on “Sourcing without LinkedIn”, “Finding Contact Info”, and “Advanced Googling” – you can always find the scheduled live classes at Upcoming Sourcing Webinars.

We administer the Certification Exams quarterly; the next upcoming dates are in April of 2018.

You can get all of the above – full access to the Training Library, the Exam, and, additionally, the Boolean Book by joining the Training Library Subscription. The Subscription costs just $99 per month ($1188 billed annually); that is an over 75% discount compared to getting webinars and the Exam individually.

While many people choose to subscribe, some have also taken five or six webinars from the Library (contact us for suggestions) and taken the Exam. The most requested classes have been:

If you are interested in the Program, you may want to take a webinar first. You can then upgrade to the full subscription, saving the cost of the webinar.

Finally, we have trained multiple Teams. We have customers who have subscribed their recruiting teams and have all Recruiters take the Exam. We have also delivered series of customized sourcing classes to various teams, both online and face to face. Our customers include a number of Fortune 100 companies and large recruiting agencies. To inquire about your Team training, please reach out to us.




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