Introduction to Social List, a Cool Sourcing Tool

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Social List is a Sourcing Tool that lets you instantly generate lists of target social profiles and export them. The tool searches for public profiles on LinkedIn, Indeed, ZoomInfo, Github, Meetup, and several other social sites. Designed with Recruiters in mind, the tool can also be helpful to Sales and Business Development professionals.

Here is how search looks in Social List. Unlike X-Raying (Googling) the search filters provide precise search.

Here is what the results look like. Each profile is shown with a detailed preview. Since the tool searches for public profiles, it would show profiles both in and out of your network. The tool will not lead to any restrictions on your LinkedIn account.

You can export search results in Excel format, which looks like this:

Here is what our user Laurie Miller, a Senior Talent Sourcing Specialist at Bose Corporation, writes about Social List: “I’m a fan and have been using it for several months. It is more precise than traditional xray searches so I can target candidates quicker. The cost is reasonable and definitely worth it.”

Try Social List now!

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