Sourcing Contest Answers and Winners

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Congratulations to our winners!

Here are the questions from our Social List Sourcing Contest, with the answers.

Q1. Find a person who lives in the state of New York, US, whose LinkedIn Headline contains all of the following:

  • “Open to New Opportunities”
  • CFO
  • “VP Finance”
  • Controller

What is the name of the town where he lives? [Hicksville]

Q2.  Find a person on LinkedIn who states his industry is “Libraries”, lives in Florida, and lists the abbreviation MBA as part of his last name. What is the other, libraries-oriented, degree abbreviation he also lists as part of his last name? [MLIS]

Q3. Find a person whose LinkedIn profile headline says that he is Sales & Marketing Head, and also includes a Gmail address. What is the Gmail address listed in this person’s headline? [[email protected]]

Q4. Find a person on Github who works at Microsoft, lives in Seattle, and has repositories in all of these programming languages: JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Java. What is the URL of the blog he links to from his Github profile? []

Q5. Find a US-based person whose public ZoomInfo profile has his email address and who is a Pricing and Investment Manager at IBM. What is the email address? [[email protected]]

Q6. Find a female Google Scholar author who has a publication with a study of cats, dogs, and humans on an island in Spain. What is her verified email domain listed on the profile []

We had 43 contestants who came from the US, India, the Netherlands, Israel, and Switzerland. The time spent on the Contest was, on average, 36 minutes.

The participants did really well! Ten people have provided the right answers – and we have decided to give them all the first prize – three months subscription to Social List.

Our winners (in the alphabetical order) are:

  • Aakash Panwar
  • Bhawana Garg
  • Jan Bernhart
  • Maisha Cannon
  • Marc Colhoun
  • Riday Sopariwala
  • Sara Cannon
  • Scott Quinn
  • Sue Kumar
  • Zsuzsa Pecsenye

Well done, congratulations!

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