Three Research Tips for Recruiting Agencies

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If you work at a recruiting agency, the following Boolean Strings would be useful for generating new business.

1) Find people who have recently started new jobs: OR –pub.dir “present (1 month)” OR -pub.dir “present (2 months)” OR -pub.dir “present (3 months)”

How can this help?

a) You might be able to work on back-filling the positions they have left;

b) For corporate recruiting people or hiring managers who just started new positions – they might be open to working with agencies, including new ones.

The following four strings can help to research companies, identify hiring managers, and shed some light on the reporting structure.

2) Identify managers: OR -pub.dir “10 OR 20 direct reports” OR -pub.dir “managing 10 OR 20 People”

3) Investigate the reporting structure: OR -pub.dir “reported to * at *” OR -pub.dir “reported to me”

Of course, we can add industry-specific keywords to the above searches, to get the results relevant to our business.

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  1. This is great stuff. I also like to hit people who’ve not been at a company for too long because they may be unhappy. Lots of times, when someone goes to another company, there are promises made, and sometimes those promises are not kept. Or maybe the culture is not what they expected, or the type of work is different from what the job description stated. There could be 100 reasons. I’m always careful to acknowledge upfront that I’m aware they just started. Even if a candidate isn’t ready to leave that day, he’ll most likely reach out to you if and when he decides to move on.

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