Google’s Numrange is Broken

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I hope that Google’s search operator Numrange will get fixed, and this post will become outdated.

Numrange looks like this – 10..12 (replace the numbers for different ranges). It is supposed to find all the numbers between the lower and upper limits that we specify.

Unfortunately, lately, we and some of our students have noticed the operator Numrange decline – it is no longer working correctly. Here are some examples.

“managed 10..12 people” produces zero results, while

“managed 10 OR 11 OR 12 people” (seemingly, the same search) produces a large number of results.

Simply searching for 10..12 at the moment produces fewer than 100 results – obviously, the number should be much higher.

The alternative syntax – using three dots or the operator “numrange” do not help either; these searches produce zero results:

“managed 10…12 people”

“managed numrange:10-12 people”

Numrange is (was?) a useful operator. One way we have been using it is Sourcing is finding multiple phone numbers and zip codes.

We have not seen any relevant announcements from Google. Hopefully, Numrange will get fixed soon!

P.S. By several accounts, Numrange has stopped working in the US but still works in Europe.


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