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Sourcing Quiz

Would you like to test your Sourcing Skills for 2019? Our quarterly Exam is coming up. You can get certified during the week of January 19-25, 2019.

I want to invite you to test your skills with five questions below. (These questions are similar to those that we include in the Exam). I will publish the answers in one week. Email me the answers for a chance to take the January Exam free of charge – we will randomly select a person who provides the correct answers.


Q1. Find a LinkedIn member, living in the San Francisco Bay Area, whose headline is “Student at SDSU Executive MBA” and who started school in 2018. What is his last name?

Q2. For this github user – – who is his current employer?

Q3. Find a LinkedIn profile with a headline containing the person’s Yahoo-based email address and also a phrase: “Strategist | Influencer | Disruptor | Innovator”. What is the email address shared in the headline?

Q4. There is a member of the “Women Who Code” Meetup, based out of San Francisco, who states her interest in four programming languages, including Java and Scala. She has misspelled the name of one of the languages (starting with an “H”). What is the correct spelling?

Q5. Which of the following works as a search operator on resume search?

  • employers:
  • employer:
  • schools:
  • skills:
  • yoe:

Hope you have some fun solving these!

Want to test your or your team’s Sourcing Skills? Read more about the Sourcing Certification Exams here.

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  1. Looks like the Q1 guy is outside my network (so not sure the boundaries heheh). Anyways, I was able to catch his info without the use of LIR

    1. Post
  2. I can see 3 results and there name is displayed as “LinkedIn Member” since they are not into my connection list, I am unable to open the profiles- Regards to Question 1.

    Aditya Singh

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