Ten Custom Search Engines for Recruiters

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Google Custom Search Engines (CSEs) is a powerful Sourcing tool, that can improve your Sourcing process with new results, often faster than “regular” Google.

CSE users fall roughly into three categories:

  1. End-user. If writing out search operators is not your cup of tea, you can use CSEs built by your more technical peers, without even learning advanced operators.
  2. Creator. Creating CSEs is not rocket science! Creating CSEs for your own and your peers’ use has numerous advantages. You can create CSEs that would “hide” Boolean operators, such as site:, from the end user (saving time on retyping), search within a list of sites, and, importantly, use CSE search options unavailable in “regular” Google. For example, you can set a CSE to “search the entire web but emphasize included sites” – it is like “Soft” X-Ray.
  3. Master. Unknowingly to many, CSEs have additional search operators compared to “regular” Google. These operators allow finding not just web pages with the keyword occurrences but pages where a particular term is in a person’s company or job title, for example. Learning how to identify and use the special operators takes a bit of a learning curve, but it is well worth it.

Let me share with you some Custom Search Engines for Sourcing that I have created.

  1. Diversity Associations
  2. Hidden Resumes
  3. LinkedIn X-Ray
  4. LinkedIn – Countries
  5. LinkedIn – Contact Info
  6. XING X-Ray
  7. Github Profiles
  8. Search for Teachers
  9. Documents – Formats
  10. Google Storage


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  1. Hi
    Can we source profiles as per years of experience.

    Previously we could do YOE:2 on Linkedin and get desired results but now not happening.

    Any solution for this plz.


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