Three Diversity Custom Searches

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It is possible, for some membership sites, to create Custom Search Engines that would search for female members only – and do so precisely.

Let me share some Diversity Custom Search Engines with you. (I’ll add some nerdy explanations of how it works, for those interested, at the end of the post).

Here you go.

CSE #1. Searching in Healthcare? Try Doximity Female Search. Add terms for locations and job titles. The search results are guaranteed to include female doctors only. Example search: child neurology houston texas.

CSE #2. Looking for Researchers? Try ResearchGate Female Search. Add your keywords. Example: “machine learning” “artificial intelligence”. The results are guaranteed to be females only.

CSE #3. Interested in female Speakers? Try SpeakerHub Female Search. Example search: recruiting OR sourcing. You will be finding females only.

Of course, this search is free, and we are not even likely to see “the captchas”.

Coming up – don’t miss the webinar! – “Sourcing for Diversity” – April 10 at 9 am PDT (recording and follow-up support are provided) where we’ll be sharing lots of creative and doable approaches in addition to these.
Read the details and register at Seating is limited.

Now, the nerdy part, if you are into that kind of thing. (You don’t need this to use the CSEs). The above Custom Search Engines each X-Ray their appropriate site, plus, automatically add this substring to the search:  more:p:metatags-profile_gender:female. I wrote more about this technique in a past post.

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  1. Cool stuff!
    CSE #2 – This is a quick lesson to everyone that we all depend upon the user entering the correct information. Try searching for “he is”|”he has”|”he received”

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