“Sourcing Answers” (Skills Assessment)

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I am happy to announce a new eBook, “Sourcing Answers,” that David Galley and I have just e-published. We had initially conceived the book as an aid to prepare for our Sourcing Certification Exams. However, the book can also serve to help to assess your and your team’s Sourcing skills (whether your goal is to get certified or not) – or perhaps choose questions from the book to use at interviews when hiring Recruiters.

In our industry, assessment of Sourcing skills is vital due to the apparent lack of adequate performance measurements for a Sourcer. Assessments can improve Recruiting performance by identifying Sourcing skill gaps and taking action to fix them. Reviewing solutions and correct answers to the concrete challenges are always educational, as well. This book can serve as an aid in assessments.

By trying to solve the sample questions and comparing your solutions with the ones provided, you will improve your sourcing skills, knowledge, and confidence. The eBook offers “learning by doing” as well as “learning by example.” You would be experiencing optimal approaches to a task, the right way of thinking, and proper tool selections.

The questions in the book are just like those we give at our exams. There is no need for paid subscriptions to any sites. Each question should take you between one and six minutes to answer.

Our test-takers have reported feeling accomplished, having improved their skills and understanding of Sourcing – and having fun taking the exams! We hope you enjoy the questions as well. If you decide that you are ready to get certified, the next Exam week is January 25-31, 2020.

This is our third book, following “300 Best Boolean Strings” (now in its 4th edition) and “Sourcing Hacks” (2nd edition).

Happy Sourcing!


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