Sourcing for Devs on Dev.To

booleanstrings Boolean Leave a Comment is a relatively new site where developers discuss how to build software, and it is quite a Sourcer-friendly site. 😉

A profile can have a location, education, skills, links to other profiles, content keywords, and, often, public email contact:

Internal search for members is too weak to be useful. But we can X-Ray the site for profiles like so:*/* “united kingdom” javascript.

Since Google recognizes hashtags in search, and the site widely uses hashtags, we can search in a more targeted way, for example:*/* #javascript “”.

With a Google search like the above, it is not hard to scrape the results and get a list of prospects along with emails. It is a matter of picking the right scraping tool.

Please note, we are going to run an updated version of our always-popular Scraping Webinar on Tuesday, February 11th. If you are curious about the topic, it is a place to be.

This Custom Search Engine – (X-Ray Dev.To) – will look for profiles. Using it eliminates the need for the operator site: and allows to search for members’ profiles, for example:

#javascript amsterdam

There is not a whole lot of “structure” on the profiles (much less than on Github’s, for example), but we can search specifically for bios with a Custom Search Engine:


I hope the resource will prove useful to some! Let me know if you have any questions.

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