Competitive Intelligence from Open Datasets

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Do you know about Open (public) Datasets? Google got its Dataset Search out of Beta, and you should bookmark it.

Lee Candiotti has asked this question on our group

Great question.

Let’s start with ways to locate datasets, in addition to Google’s tool. You can simply Google to locate datasets. And once you start looking, it’s endless! There’s Google-owned There are lists of datasets. There are gigantic lists of datasets and lists of favorites, and suggestions on Ycombinator.

There is an alternative way to find datasets, and that is in a Custom Search Engine, using a Object “Dataset”. I have created one, try it.

What can we expect to find in datasets? Industry, employment, and demographic data, but also, sometimes, contact lists and organizational charts. Datasets can be awesome for Competitive Intelligence.

Here are some nice finds.

I got lucky having found a downloadable list of 60K+ CEO and VP email contacts. (You are welcome! Please use it with care.)

There is a downloadable 7 MLN  US companies dataset at Peopledatalabs. It includes Company Name, Domain, Linkedin, # of Employees, Year Founded, Industry, and Location (city, state, country).

Here is a list of 5K job titles and relevant skills, which might help if you are searching in an unfamiliar industry.

Some dataset sites have visualizations, like this – Diversity in Tech. Many offer Dynamic Insights in interactive dialogs.

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