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LinkedIn loves its import. It lets us upload phone books, contact lists, resumes, salaries, identify professional relationships, job hunt preferences, company information, and more. Import has been the most reliable function in my experience with Recruiter.

But LinkedIn allows almost no export. Its PDF profile export loses part of profile information. No lists can be exported. It is a matter of major inconvenience for Sourcers.

To add to that, LinkedIn fights against scraping. More than one blog post has angrily called LinkedIn a “walled garden”. More than one tool had to shut down after a “cease and desist” from LinkedIn’s lawyers.

What I want to share is that I ran into a “better” profile export in Recruiter (LIR).

Instead of Saving to PDF, Print profile to a PDF file. That is it. The export does not only have more information, but it is also full of links. It even keeps a link to the original search. It’s a copy of the profile page. A PDF print of a profile looks like this:

Hope you like it 🙂

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