How to Find and Take Advantage of 100% Used Email Format

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We all know that contact-finding is a big deal in Recruitment.

I have recently started to pay attention to companies that have a 100% followed email format such as [email protected]. Those companies are my friends! If I have an employee’s first and last name, I can confidently construct his or her email address.

I use this knowledge in two ways. (Note that I do utilize LinkedIn on the way but I don’t when contacting prospects).

1. For companies on my target list that are 100% email-disciplined, I collect first and last names of people with the necessary job titles, put them into Excel, and generate addresses with a formula.

LinkedIn is the easiest to search, but it has a tiny percentage of RNs, so I also Google, X-Ray Zoominfo, RocketReach, Facebook, specialized sites like Healthgrades, and association sites. It’s usually possible to collect thousands of records for a large employer and hundreds for smaller.

(Where and how to collect names is a separate matter and could fill more than one blog post. One way is to X-Ray a relevant site and scrape names from results. Facebook is also a great source.)

Once I have a list of names, I Excel-formula-generate everyone’s emails following the formats. There is always a need to brush up the input to be exactly first and last names, but it can be done in a few minutes. I dispose of records that don’t have both.

Now, for each person on the list, I have a choice:

a) InMail them from Recruiter, without spending InMail points (could be a better version for interaction tracking; doesn’t expose my company since the emails come from a LI return address). I tag the records on import to be able to locate them.

b) Email (could work better in deliverability – especially to Gmail – and response rate; better email tracking – see when emails are opened, for example).

I usually combine a) and b), especially for excellent matches.

2. I search on LinkedIn – or elsewhere – for the right titles and locations AND employees of these companies. I can then be sure for each person in the results what his or her work email is, and again can either “InMail-email” or just email.

In my current search for RNs in NYC and Indianapolis, two of many email-friendly companies are Mount Sinai Hospital and Eskenazi Health. If Jane Doe works at Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis, her email is [email protected].

I started wondering, how do I find other companies in my target industry or profession and location that also have a 100%-followed email format? I came up with a simple Google search that X-Rays RocketReach, a rich contact-finding database, and provides the answers. Here is an example search: being used 100.0% of the time “indianapolis” RN.

(To get most results, remember not to use OR in your queries. It is particularly important in these searches.)

Verify your results by Googling for email format <company name> before you proceed.

You can confidently reach thousands of potential employees in a few hours of work!

To learn high ROI sourcing techniques like this, I highly recommend signing up for the popular workshop Sourcing without LinkedIn coming up on Wednesday, June 17th. Seating is limited (and you know what that means!)

I will say more about the above technique in another post soon. 😉




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  1. Hi Irena,

    I did this to some degree back when I was focused on Big4 Recruiting. The challenge I found was secondary email formats and knowing if the person goes by Mike/Michael, James/Jim, Katherine/Kate/Katie. Also for email formats or secondary formats that use middle initial (ie PWC), I found the CPA database to be helpful and depending how much I knew about the individual, some of the people lookup tools. Always a challenge to know you have the correct John Smith at any of those huge companies.

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