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I have run across Boolean Cookies (the ones you eat). Going to order some!

Discoveries await you if you study Google Custom Search Engines. Very interestingly, as I have determined bases on tests, Custom Search Engine more: operators support a different order of Boolean operators compared to Google.

  • On Google, ORs have the highest priority
  • On CSEs, ANDs have the highest priority.

Consider an example:


It is a search for people with a job title containing:

(microsoft AND developer) OR (google AND lead) OR (amazon AND manager).

In most practical cases, Google’s order of Boolean operations suits us. However, there are some instances where you want ANDs to be a priority. For example, if you know job titles specific to companies, you can be searching for:

  • Associate Partner at IBM OR Senior Manager at Accenture
  • Vice President at Wells Fargo Bank OR Senior Developer at LinkedIn

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